30-Day writing challenge #13

Three pet peeves.

Had to look this one up to be honest, but now I know what it means I sure do have a few things ha.


The way people judge so easily is definitely one of them! I’m so annoyed when people just talk behind people’s back. Of course I can’t deny I sometimes talk about people as well, but it’s the way people behave. What I mean is how people judge a book by its cover. You don’t know that person, do you? What makes you better? I can easily shut myself down when people try to involve me in this like: “Oh my, look at that.. that sure is a bright color.” or “Well, sure she likes McDonald’s.” I don’t get it. I rather love to treat a person, how I like to be treated. Period.

Poor customer service.

I can easily get annoyed when people hardly take any effort to help people or at least greet them! Ffs, sometimes I would love to have that kind of job, but no, instead of hiring me, they get someone with lack of social skills and an expression on their face you’d rather avoid.

Messy rooms.

What I really can’t stand is a lot of mess in one room. Most of the time when I get back home from work, I have to clean up first, before I can sit down and relax. Yeah I know how silly that sounds, but having all this mess around the house makes me restless and being annoyed easily. So I need it to be neat and tidy!