30-Day writing challenge #14

Your commute to and from work, school etc.

It’s funny actually, since last October I started a new study and job both close to home. And since 2016 I love to make daily walks and discover places on foot. So what I do; I make sure to get out of bed a bit earlier, so I have enough time to get to work on foot! In the mornings I grab my tumblr, fill it with black, fresh made coffee (definitely need my dose of coffee before starting the day!) I put on one of my playlists on Spotify and start the day nice and relaxed with a lovely morning walk to work or school! These take up to fifteen minutes, so piece of cake in my eyes. Through this way I can start up a bit more relaxed and walk off the sleep in my eyes, haha.

Whenever the weather is sunny or feels like being outside a little longer, I sometimes take a little detour through the forest or through town. Mostly on my way back home, but sometimes to my second job in the afternoon towards work as well. I can’t stand the stress before going to work or school, so this is simply my way of taking things a bit more easy!