Hi there! It’s nice having you on here, feel welcome. My name is Maximilliaan, 27 years of age and I am from the Netherlands. Since the moment I learned how to spend time on my own, I found out I love to write. With my main subject: life. Now you must wondering, you’re Dutch? So why do you write in English? Well to be honest, somehow writing and reading things in this language made me understand life a bit more. So I just started writing with the basic English that I knew from highschool.  Throughout the years I got to meet loads of different people across Europe thanks to binge watching series. (I know, crazy!) So in the end I picked up a lot from speaking and listening, which ended up in writing my thoughts and feelings down in English.

My dream: to reach out to as many people as possible, with my words and thoughts hoping it inspires them. Ever since live challenged me, I struggle with many questions in my daily life. So whenever I need encouragement, I start writing down what’s bothering me and create my own stories. By doing so it makes my world a bit brighter. Therefor I hope you’ll read my stories with interest and a bit of inspiration. May it lead you towards great achievements and an open look to be the best version of yourself! Feel free to contact me and let me know your thoughts!

I love sharing stories and hear them from others.



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