There once lived a boy named Chad, in a small town somewhere in the north of our country. On the day mother had given birth, she already had this strong feeling that Chad would have a special purpose in life. Though his birth hasn’t been a good start, his parents never gave up on him. They knew he had to be given a name which will lead him through life. And there’s where they came up with Chad, which means warrior.


While Chad grew up in a neigbourhood with many other kids of his age, he wasn’t quite like them. Sadly none of the kids understood our little man’s fantasy worlds. So Chad rather played by himself. On the age of ten his parents became a bit worried when their little warrior still lived in his own world of imaginary creatures. In fact, it all became a bit too much when the both of them couldn’t even get to him anymore.


Mother and father started arguing a few weeks ago. Same old story every time after dinner. Today we ate sprouts with fries. I didn’t really feel like eating much, let alone that mum chose to eat sprouts today. Sprouts! Sometimes where I go, I can have gummy bears for dinner. Or even for breakfast! But before I eat them, I always dip them in cherry coke first. Best drink ever! “Coke is bad for your teeth, Chad.” said mother, “And it’s expensive as well. So I’m not going to buy any more of that poison.” She prefers a healthy life. So she always buys biological food and stuff. Never liked it, never will. My father however, likes cheap and fast food. That explains this weird combination, I’m sorry. In my world they say that because the cherry is a fruit, I can drink it whenever I like!

“Come on, Chad. You’ve been staring long enough. At least eat two of them. I mean, you didn’t even try.” mum whines, while start cleaning the table. “You’re not leaving the table as long as you haven’t tried.” As she stands up, her head slowly starts turning towards my dad. “Aye, why don’t you tell our son to eat a bit more! I hear a soft change in her voice. “Aye Frank, is there something I need to know, huh? You haven’t been saying much for the last 15 minutes! Answer me.” “Oh for fuck sake, Ana. Really?” “Frank language!” “What language?! I already knew this combination was a shitty idea!” “Ofcourse. The blame’s on me, once again..” (…)

I know they argue because of me. Because I don’t have any friends at school or play with the kids next door. It became even worse when dad started to use these bad words. I know what they mean. When I use them in my world, it becomes very dark. And to be honest, I don’t like being in the dark. It’s where the monsters grab me and try making me one of them. I used it once, when dad called my mum a.. Well, it doesn’t matter. If I’m going to use that word again, this story would end here. So I’ll leave it up to you, the one reading this. Anyways. It really upset me, hearing my dad calling my mum like that . So when I went to my room and found my way to ***, that’s how my world is called, I felt so much anger and pain.

When I go there, I always find shelter. And you know why? Because this place is built from love and laughter. But this time I took this pain and anger with me. And they knew something wasn’t right, when they heard my feet coming closer towards their world. Usually the moment I enter, everybody starts smiling. As if someone turned back on the lights, I tell ya. However this time, the only thing I saw was black. No lights whatsoever. No smiling faces. Just black. As if I entered the night, without the moon and her stars. And what did you do then, Chad? You start asking yourself. Well, I wandered around.

Screaming for help. Screaming for them. Screaming for someone to smile at me and asks what’s wrong. Someone who tells me that everything is going to be okay. Someone who holds me and gives me shelter. Someone who.. well just someone. Because like I said, I don’t like being in the dark. And after a a long time screaming with nothing but a sound of silence. I start staring into nothing but this world of black. And as my watery eyes became heavy and hard not to close, my view became vague and grey. Slowly the black became a tiny bit clearer, but in the end a view which I don’t wish any of you readers. A throbbing sound filled the air I was breathing and slowly entered my body. A flashing light flew by as if a lightning struck into my eyes. And there it stood.

Red eyes, nothing but black with a mean and horrible look on its face. I shook, when it slowly took its first step towards me. The throbbing sound that entered my body, was slowly taking over. A huge pain started to grow inside as these red eyes came closer and closer. His steps became faster and faster as I tried to look away, but my eyes froze and slowly got sucked into its mean and horrible look. Thud-thud-.. Thud-thud-thud-thud.. -thud-thud-thud-thud-th-th-uddudud.. the throbbing was getting worse and its red watchers became even bigger and bigger..


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