As he was in desperate search

of finding,

what he truly deserves..

it got lost

along the way.


Yet, he kept looking

for he knows

there’s better days ahead,

as for life that taught him

one big lesson

there’s more to live


being sad.




Darkness came upon him

his heart,



he fought

for he who no longer wanted to be



Yet one day,

the pain was unbearable

as his loneliness

started to kick in..


He decided

it was time

to let it fall,

as he hoped

that every drop

will clean,

the windows of his soul.


A flood of salty drops


ready to be seen,

as for him

who took his loneliness

to a higher level



And now he has

never been

that happy,


an independant person

who accepted

and cried

to clean the pain..


He finally found

what got lost,

yet never gave up


The person who still remains.




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