A Wintertale

Nothing brings more time  to think during the short and cold days in winter. A time where most of us rather stay in then take a lovely walk in Winter Wonderland. Though this season we all seek for warmth and love inside, why not search outside?

Winter is mostly seen as a season where lots of us crawl back and feel depressive. We think back to things which makes us feel miserable, not to mention that days get shorter and soon enough we lock ourselves up where it’s safe and warm, inside. No wonder we put ourselves in a depression. I think winter is the best season to spend outside! Even though it can be cold as ice, the winterseason can show us much beauty as well. For example, you can either way let the cold get to you and makes you wanna fled inside as soon as possible or makes you feel alive and lets you enjoy being oustide! Just take a deep breath and feel the fresh air. As well, when you look outside it might look grey and depressive or you look beyond these things and see beautiful shots in it! If you’ve read my previous blog, it all comes back to the view you have on things. Therefor I think Winter is a perfect moment to see how your view is! Make the best out of things, go outside, take a walk and get cold so once you’ll get back inside it makes you appreciate the warmth even more. Without the negatives there won’t be positives. Just like the cold lets you enjoy the warmth even more! Still both are needed to appreciate it all.

However, this doesn’t mean the cold is a negative thing. Like I’ve said before, it’s all up to you how to make the best out of things which aren’t quite the best things per se.



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