A beautiful view

So here I am, my very first blog in 2017. And what’s a better way to start with a positive and motivational story to read? Even though the most important rule of a new year is not to look back, we mostly forget that not everything has been that bad. Therefor I want to share a few lessons I’ve learned in last’s year experience.

The easiest way is to look back and confirm that things sucked and 2016 can literally f*** off. Ofcourse I can totally imagine that certain things have happened which can’t make it a good year after all, but as far in my experience 2016 showed me that there’s so much beauty in everything we do. Now you ask me, where can I find it? Well as long as you open up to it you can find many things! In the end it’s always up to yourself to turn negatives into positives. Therefor 2016 has personally been a year where I did things on my own and even though I’ve lost many, in the end I’ve gained even more.

What I’m trying to say is that it all depends on the view you have. If I look back to the person I was at the beginning of 2016 and the person I am now, well I’m still the same person but my view has changed in so many ways! I found back beauty and beauty found me. I no longer pay attention to the negatives, but instead turn these into positives. I look out for the beauty, open myself up and most important stay true to the person I am and trust that things will fall into place. Life has a habit to tell us things, whether bad or good but both needed to get where we need to be. Sometimes life seems to be unfair and believe me it is, but I don’t want you to lose hope! When things come back to you, it doesn’t come back to hurt you again. What it needs is change! A change in the view you have now. This is exactly where life has a habit of telling things. Life lessons. I mean even people will come and go. Some people will be a lesson and the people who’ll stay, well they will show you. Trust in things. Don’t let all these things make you think less in who you are! Life will show you eventually. It isn’t a bad thing to focus on your own happiness more often, because how can you share happiness if you don’t even know how it feels?!

Try to be happy with the most important company that you’ll ever have, yourself. Spend time on your own and make it something to be satisfied with. It doesn’t mean you’re lonely, it means you’re strong enough to stand on your own. Trust in yourself. Open up and find the beauty you are and the right things and the right people will follow!

You deserve to be fought for, remember that.


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