Thanks (for) giving

Every now and then you have moments to be thankful, let today be the perfect moment while it’s THANKSGIVING.

First of all I think writing things off is the perfect way to sink in all those thoughts wandering around. Most of the time it’s just all doubts whether you do the right thing or not. Better known as moments where you just need to accept that you’re having a day off. We all have these kind of days. We compare things with others, see things a bit more negative and just feel way too vulnerable for other stuff. Just let it be. Speak things out and you’ll see that it’s just ‘one of those days’. Because here starts the change of your way of thinking..

By speaking things out it becomes sort of ‘real’. And most of the time once you do, you’ll see that things aren’t that bad. I mean, if you already have someone you can discuss these things with then don’t you feel blessed to have this person in your life? Someone you feel so safe with that you can be open about your feelings? Whether it’s a family member or a good friend, be thankful. If he or she takes the time to listen, you can feel so rich. I mean that is golden. Having someone who keeps you on the right path. Who accepts your flaws and reminds you how amazing you are! Isn’t that something we all long for? Well, read back the above and think again.. Do I have someone who does this? If so, then you’re a lucky person! Be thankful. Thank them every now and then. Not only during this day, but at moments when you feel it straight from the heart. Because I think that once in a while we all want to hear something like this. So be that person and it’ll come back to you!

As we speak about being thankful and maybe it’s sounds very odd to say, I think sometimes we forget to include the negatives turned into positives. Even though it brought us some difficult times, it also brought us strength and helped us grow into the person we are now. In the end it’s always something we can learn from, with a few exceptions made ofcourse, but life always has a habit to send us in a direction we immediately think we can’t handle. But think again.. We wouldn’t face things if we can’t handle it, now would we? Somehow we were send this way because it wants to show us something. Which can be anything, but it’s yours to find out! Do you give up? Or will you stand up?

Though winter has it’s disadvantages, I think it’s also a time to see and find back the beauty in the coldest of days. Stand still for a moment and look back on the view so far. Now look at you! Still standing and still going strong. Now isn’t that a thing which makes you proud?

You see, there are so many things to be thankful for. All you have to do is stand still sometimes and take a moment to appreciate that. Put your mind to it. Get rid of all those doubts, because you didn’t come this far to get stuck again. No!

Oh and next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in!


Thanks for giving it all! 🙂


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