Love is louder

What’s going on in the world the past few days, makes me both sad and angry at the same time! That somehow people still can’t be the way they are without being punished. It’s ridiculous that we still need to ‘fight’ for what’s right, even though I bet most of us already know what that is!

Flashmob 1

But, what I do know is that in some way all this ‘fighting’ already pays off. During times like these it shows that there’s always more love than hate. And that’s exactly where we people can still unite as one! When bad things happen, we all choose love above hate and above all the negatives going on nowadays. Now doesn’t that open our eyes?! That together we find shelter and love without judgement. And maybe without knowing it, we stand together and show and remind eachother what really matters most!

In the end, I still think we can make this world a better place. I could have written about my own anger and sadness I get from this, but that’s not what matters. What matters most is that love and positivity never gets beaten by things that are trying to bring that down! We can all reflect things on ourselves, but don’t we already get judged too much by this world we created? At some point people will start losing it and can’t take it anymore. So lets start by giving!


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