The unknown

It’s something I wanted to share for the past few days. It’s something I realized, while I had another writing session – c h a n g e.

Things change, because people change. We always say: “Things have changed.” but in the end, things don’t change but people do. Everyday we grow a bit. Not only physically, but as well mentally in order to get ourselves on the right track. We don’t just lose people because ‘things’ have changed. No. It’s because we all grow into different directions and somehow need to be there. And some people just don’t need to be there with you, because well maybe you’ll meet someone new, or better or maybe you even need to face it alone. These are all behind every situation lies a reason.

But what I really wanted to share is the following thing. Like I said, we don’t just lose people because these ‘things’ have changed.

Did you ever hear from someone, talking about a certain person, that they’ve changed? And like with a really negative tone? They judge these things their old friends do these days and say things like: “He totally changed. Normally he always was like this or that. Yeah totally, I mean I liked her better thay way. Such a shame.” This concerns me.

Wake up people! This is where it says it all. Things don’t change, but people do! I mean, we all have our personal grow. Somehow life wants us to be there! It leads us to do those things, because that is where we need and want to go! We always want things to change for the better. And if we want that, well sometimes we need to sacrifice the old.

While I was thinking about this, I realized that it is again, very human to do. Because it’s the unknown. We don’t know better as what we’re used to, because somehow we’re not open to new things. Most of us rather play it safe. We stick to our small worlds and accept that we’re satisfied with less. But then there are these people who are always in to start something new! They’re open to adventure and other contacts. And that is where we start to easily judge, because we never know what people’s intensions are. And that’s why it concerns me. Because we forget to be nice to one another. We rather do something good to people we already know, then we do to people we don’t know a thing about but probably need it most. And we’re not even talking about something big, just small talk or smiling at someone can make such a big difference!

A change to be a bit more open to small gestures towards others is where change becomes something good.


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