Simple yet hard.

I think we all find ourselves back in this, including me. When it’s just something so simple, pure, innocent and everything which can practically make someone’s day, then why is it so hard to accept? And by that I mean, conversation.

It shows again that we all live in our own world these days. Cause let us be honest, isn’t all about judgement and social media? Let’s take an example, what would you do when a random stranger start talking to you? Would you talk back? Would you really talk back out of true interest or just being polite? Would you take effort to take out of your earplugs and listen? I can imagine you wouldn’t really feel like to though, just want to be left alone not being bothered. I do. But think again.. When’s the last time you had a spontaneous  conversation out of nowhere, with anybody? I bet it’d change the mood you’re in. Isn’t that a win-win situation? Maybe you totally make someone’s day just by chit chat. It doesn’t cost a thing! In fact, it’s free! That person might even share it on social media. Now wouldn’t that be a great story to be involved with?

Simple yet hard. Because we forgot how it feels like. Because we’re caught up in our phones and social media, we forgot how to make real conversations. We’ve forgotton to make real contact. I can totally blame myself as well though. But lately it got me thinking like, why does something so simple can be so hard these days? Wouldn’t it be great to be someone’s change? I mean, it’s so rare to talk to strangers these days yet it’s something we all need.

Why not sending a message to someone you haven’t spoken for a while, instead of liking someone’s facebook or instagram. Ask about that picture, talk about those adventures we share online. We all love to share our life’s, but wouldn’t it be way more fun to actually hear the passion about it? So next time when you see someone sharing their adventure online, send a message, grab a Starbucks and let the sharing fun begin! It’s not that hard, but simple. I will end this with the question I asked earlier:

Would you take effort to take out of your earplugs and listen?


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