A new start or a different view?

It’s always a weird feeling, when we have to start a new year all over again. Or do we choose to continue just the way we did? For some people it’s good to know that they can start all over again, to see this as a new start and a way to forget everything that happened in the past year. But I don’t know.. Is it really a new start or do we just see it that way, because the 5 turns into a 6?

Somehow the switch from 15 to 16 made me question a lot of things and gave me a lot of feelings to think about. Did I do the right thing? All I know is that when we feel weak we do things and give it a name, because we don’t want to get hurt by it anymore. It just happens. But in the end it’ll always come back. And as far as I know now is that, when it comes back to you, do something about it! It doesn’t come back to make you feel miserable again, it comes back to you with a reason. Because it needs change! And yes ofcourse it scares the hell out of you, change.. Aren’t we all afraid for that? Ofcourse. Well let me tell you, change can be good. It shows us that we’re strong enough to move on. It’s these moments when certain choices are made, that we have to face how life is. We humans are mostly satisfied with how life is at that moment, but we forget that it’s not always for granted. Why I had my own struggles during NYE is because, it reminded me that a lot of things changed in a year but they weren’t the choices I made. But all it needs is a different look, an open heart and the way you truly believe and look at it. And yes, it needs time to find back what you’ve lost on the way to start believing again and make that change.

But allow yourself to take that time off and to look out for your own strength. Don’t always make decisions with your head if you’re heart disagrees. Even though it’s stabbed and hurt in many times, as long as it still beats find back your rhytm and create your own song. Cause that beat is called, purpose.


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