As 2015 is coming to and end, we all live last years memories again. There will be a moment that you’ll look back! And as we speak, I’m pretty sure that most of them will make us think, can we do better next year? Or will it be better next year? We start making these ‘plans’ to live a better life or at least we hope.

By thinking back on last years memories, it shows us what year it has been. Was it a blessing, a lesson or did you have to get through the worst? Personally so far, each year has been a tough lesson. I never really feel for this time of the year. As I’ve said, we think back and it reminds us what we’ve been through. Ofcourse each year has its good moments, but these are just memories now. And it’s just sad to know that it’ll stay that way. So when I think back on 2015 it shows me nothing but to move on! Accept it, leave certain people and things behind and just focus on yourself. In the end it all comes back to you.

As a good friend of mine told me: ‘This is the moment to take power. Take control and show yourself over everyone else that u can do this!’

‘The largest fear carries your greatest growth.’ 

We all want to move on with certain people, but sometimes it’s just the hardest lesson in life that we’re on our own. Not because life wants to punish us, but because God wants to show us how strong we actually are!

To me it sounds a bitt odd, because I never involve Him in my writing, but somehow I had this strong feeling I have to this time. And by saying this, I can totally imagine now that it gives people hope and strength. As I am willing to open up to this..  

I think every now and then we have to make and get through these changes to create a bigger view! There is so much more in this world then just our own comfortzone. Why would we keep playing it save, when we can make more out of it? In the first place I’d say: When certain things don’t comfort you, don’t force by trying it. However, when it keeps coming back to you, there’s probably more behind it than you know. So think twice. Make the right decisions, time will tell..

I think it doesn’t feel right to end this blog with ‘Happy Newyear‘ therefor I won’t. To me january 1st will just be another day, making the best of it!


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