Lucky moments

December. Definitely a month where we get back in time. Don’t we all feel a bit different once the year is ending? We all look back on moments we cherish so much. I call them ‘lucky moments’. Moments which give or gave us the feeling of being appreciated, that we do matter. The feeling of being loved by just being there. Sharing laughter and comfort.

Gosh. A year can do so much.

But instead of crying over these moments, why not relive it? Moments like these are so rare these days, right? We’re all so busy with ourselves, so why not share it? Why would we keep these thoughts to ourselves? Remind them of these ‘lucky moments’ which you appreciate so much for having as a memory. Call them up! Message them! Ofcourse at some point we hoped certain people were still with us. Maybe because you both went into different directions or.. somehow life just wasn’t meant to be.

Yeah I know. Sometimes it’s pretty tough to look back. I do understand that some don’t even dare. Some things or people are behind us for a reason. But seriously.. Don’t you want to remember people with a smile? It’s so easy to remind the negatives to forget them. And honestly, I don’t want that anymore!

I want to remember people with a smile! I want to look back on those ‘lucky moments’ when I think of certain people. Whether our times were good or bad. There’s already so much going on in this world. And another thing, in the end we all want to feel loved right? So hold onto to these ‘lucky moments’. Keep them as a memory when some moments will remind you of them.. Turn that awful feeling  you still get from it into a smile! Creat those moments again. Relive it. If it’s so important to you, then why put them away?

I mean.. they made you feel happy right? Well, in some way they still want you to be. So look out for those ‘lucky moments’ and let us end this year with a smile!


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