Live or life?

Sometimes a person needs to tell us the truth. To tell us where we really stand, in order to wake up. Even though we’re going through so much and feel too much of certain emotions, we all know that’s how life works.

As I’ve said in my previous blogs, it’s too easy for us to just let it be and walk away from things. Go on with our ‘busy’ lives as if we’re all doing just fine.  What I’ve learned is that once you do, things will come back to you even harder. And that’s how it is now. People won’t always be there if things stay the same. They will stop chasing you, if you keep leaving behind. Life goes on, for everybody. You can’t always count on people to do things for you, because in the end we have to do it ourselves.

When I say that we all hope certain things will last forever, I’m sure that most of us have these thoughts. Don’t we all hope that our current relationships and friendships last forever? And that we can make as many memories with them as we hope? Again, the truth is no one knows how things will going to work out! But, if we haven’t tried, we never would have known! Some people come into our lives as a lesson, so embrace that! Because you wouldn’t be the person you are today if you haven’t met, right?

But one thing is for sure. We’re all in this. If we want that change, when we want things to work out, we are the ones who can make it happen. Ofcourse some things we can’t take for granted and just need to be the way they’re supposed to be. If it doesn’t come from both sides, it’s not worth the effort. You can’t fight for something which isn’t there anymore. Yes, that’s life.

What I’m trying to say is that, eventually it all comes from you. We can’t always, or at least keep blaming people for how things are now. It is what it is. Take it or leave it! We have the choice to make the best of it or let it ruin us for the rest of our life. It’s up to us.

What are you going to do? Live, or is it just life?


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