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The best thing about having a blog is that you can write whatever you want. Eventually it’s like having a conversation with yourself, trying to calm down the inner you.

Life is all about choices. Your choices. In the end we all have the power to create the path we want. We can ask for help as in family and friends. Though some of us choose to ask for professional help. It takes a lot of courage to know that you have needs. And even though we have this support from others, eventually it is we, who have to face our fears. That is where you have to make choices. Some are tougher than others and will take a lot of time to deal with. But time will heal, right? Sometimes you have to embrace what you feel and see what you’re gonna do with it. Are you going to push off? Or push through?

I personally expierenced that things will get back to you somehow. So why not take the time for it now? It’s so human that we put things aside and just go on with our ‘busy’ lives, hoping that it’ll be all over soon. But that’s where things get back to you ten times harder! So whatever it is you’re going through or whatever it is what keeps you up at night.. Embrace it and sort it out. Why does this feeling holds me back from making the next step towards happiness? What is it that I have to do, to finally go to bed with peace?

It can easily be an endless circle when you start thinking about it. So don’t get to the point of overthinking. This can ruin things which weren’t even there in the first place! Once you feel it, then do it. Even though it scares the shit out of you, feelings are always truer than true words. So follow it and do what’s right! Cause deep inside we all know the right thing to do, but we’re too scared to face it. But seriously, sharing is caring!


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