Mine or yours?

Every now and then we all have moments when thoughts starting to kick in. Somehow our minds allow every single thing that comes up. Mixed with different feelings, which we try to solve with a question. Why? And yes, why do we actually feel this?

These days we humans want to keep ourselves busy all the time. Once we feel something which we don’t really know, we seek for distraction. We contact people, go the to the gym, just anything which makes that feeling go away. But again, why? When feelings like these are coming up, I think that we all miss something. But it’s just easier to deny, isn’t it? Is it a bad thing to embrace unknown feelings? Or is it that we all tell ourselves that we’re scared, but don’t want to show it? Again, why?

Has this world  become a place where we all need to smile 24/7? Well at least we’re trying to, right? We all share the happy moments, but seriously, tell me if I’m wrong, once people really tell you what’s going on how many of us actually listen? Do you use excuses to brush things off, or do you make time to offer a listening ear?

Every conversation starts with, how’s things? But let’s be honest, don’t we all rush through this question and go to the fun stuff? We don’t want to bother people with our problems. Because hey, like you care that I’m crying myself to sleep. As long as I’m doing fine, things are good. Am I wrong or right?

Ofcourse I know, it’s not fair to say everyone is acting this way. But I’m pretty sure that most of you agree on this. Everyone is facing a battle in life, but somehow it’s just how life is these days. We’re all way too busy with ourselves that even time can’t keep up with it. So what do we start to think? ‘I don’t hear from them, so they probably don’t care!’ So we keep our problems to ourselves. We built this huge wall around us and when there comes a day when we have a tiny spot of freedom, thoughts are starting to kick in. And because we’re at this point of refusing  people..

Are these thoughts mine, or yours?

As I said in my latest blog, we all think we’re alone in this. And because of that loneliness we create this fantasy world, where we deal with our problems. But since we don’t really know how to deal with it in real life, there comes this misunderstanding between people. Because everyone deals with things differently. As the other learned to act tough and don’t show emotions, the other ends up in a depression and eventually needs to deal with how things are in real life.

I think that if we people start to offer more time to eachother and actually take time to really listen to the question ‘How’s things?’ we will end up so much better. I’m pretty sure that we can all built a much better relationship with people then we are doing now. Do you actually know what’s really going on with your family? Or that one friend you only go clubbing with, do you really know how they feel? Do you really know them? Are these thoughts mine, or yours?

I guess we all think a like, but we don’t share it. Too afraid to be called weak. Well you know what, I think it shows way more strenght to tell people what’s really going on instead of taking the short cut by brushing things off. It shows a lot of courage to stand up for yourself. So believe me, by having all of these feelings, you’re stronger than any other person. Because you choose to battle the bad and eventually end up with the good. Negative influence, what? Not mine, yours.


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