Happy or happiness?

We all search for happiness. But how do we find it? Do you look out for it? Or are you just doing what you’ve been told? Are you just happy? Or do you feel real happiness?  

These are a few questions which can make us overthink if we start about the word ‘happiness‘. It’s easier than you think, to question ourselves. Am I happy? But, everyone has a different opinion about ‘being happy’ or ‘happiness’. As one person can be satisfied with less, the other has learned that it can always be better. However. Is that what you really think? Or feel? It can be an endless conversation if we want to.

I personally think that true happiness can be found. But only once we’re allowed to express what we really feel. When we stop thinking that expressing yourself is an odd thing to do. Because let’s be honest. In the end we all want to be heard, don’t we? In the end we all look out for love, feeling appreciated and be one, instead of always have the feeling that we’re going to end up alone. I’m pretty sure that whoever is reading this, everyone knows the feeling. And sadly it’s still a thing which holds us back from expressing ourselves. Because we think we’re alone in this and don’t think they’ll understand. Well think again, you’re not!

I think true happiness must be touched by the heart. We learned that we connect the word ‘happiness’ to things and people. But really, is that true happiness? Ofcourse they give us the feeling of being happy. But what if I ask you to show me, instead of saying it in words?



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