High Senstive (HSP) Pt. 2

I’ve been reading my last post about me, giving it a shot to explain how it is to be ‘high senstive’. To be real honest, it was more written as something negative as positive. Because yes, being high sensitive also means positive aspects. And this is a bigger part of me than the things you’ve read in my previous blog.

High sensitve people have a huge empathy. To me it’s something which I automatically want to do. Listen. And even though it’s also a part of feeling their pain, this pretty much shows how quickly people feel a certain connection, because they feel understood. And because of this empathy, you can actually take over their feelings and truly feel and know what the others ae going through. Yet again, this might sound strange to some, but eh, don’t we all want to be heard and understood?

It’s actually an amazing feeling to be and feel so connected with life. By feeling this way, you automatically bring love, connection and understanding towards others. It’s pretty intense, because you feel so much! But that also means you enjoy things much more than anyone else. For example: music, a good movie, food and my personal fave, a good old conversation! Being high senstive speaks for itself in everything that you do. You don’t see yourself as someone special. Yet these kind of people are more of an inspiration than they think!

Don’t you notice that people come up so easily and tell you stories about themselves? That somehow you attract people, who are in need of some advice? Even though you don’t ask for it, you have a certain energy that will attract people. This energy shows people that they can trust you. Somehow they know you’ll accept them for who they are. Now isn’t that something to be proud of?

Your consciousness means opportunities. In some situations you are aware of your acting, which means in your next step you’re already thinking of how to improve this or what to do with it. Even though the thinking can be a pain in the ass sometime, it also means you get an opportunity each time! This comes to you being creative! You have a huge sense in colour, emotions, shapes and whatsoever. So every situation can be put out in creativity. It’s also an amazing gift to deal with your emotions! As for myself whenever I feel too much, I put these down in words. Writing. But of course there’s also drawing, photography, acting etc. And all of this makes you a unique person in everything you do!


Learn from your mistakes, let go of things that no longer serve you and go do that thing why you’re here: be who you are!