30-Day writing challenge #5

A place you would live, but have never visited.

By thinking of it, I don’t think I have a specific place in my head. If I could choose, it’d be a place where a big city and the beauty of nature is combined. I mean, I love to vanish into the crowd while walking through a crowded city. But I also love to enjoy the silence and green of Mother nature. So I don’t know if a place like this exists, but I’d definitely want to find out!

I guess you can say it’s been more of a fantasy world I’m picturing myself. I never really visited this place, so technically it’s a correct answer. The people who’d live there will be all kind to one another and it wouldn’t be a place where people judge or talk behind each others back. Personally I think we all want to live in a place that is built up from love. Cause in the end we are built out of love, so why can’t we hold on to this? If it takes two people to love to create the world’s most powerful living species, then why is there so much hate going on this world?

Anyways, I’m creating a whole different discussion, but that’s what writing does though. It creates. It makes you think. So this subject, on day 5 of the 30-Day writing challenge, is one to think about a little bit more. Because I think each place has a story. And meanwhile there are enough places I still need to visit to figure out what’s the best one I’d stay.


Don’t judge a book by its cover, but experience yourself in order to make a conclusion.