This is me.

Whoever is being attracted to this post is probably one of them who needed to know. Therefor I wanted to say: Thank you. Thank you, for taking the time to read this.

Yes, I am vulnerable. Yes, I am different from the rest. Yes, I do feel and see a whole lot more than a regular person and yes, that makes me act the way I do. Yes, I do need more time than anyone else. Yes, that means recovery and time to think things through. Rather being alone at times, so I can recharge my batteries and act like a ‘normal person’ again. Yes, this took me forever to figure.

Yes THIS IS ME. Someone who gets easily upset or emotional, because I feel you. Someone whose heart is bigger towards others than himself, because I see and feel you. Someone who finally understands why he’s been feeling so much, not knowing why. Someone who felt misunderstood and alone at times. Yes, I’m just as human as you. Maybe sometimes even a little bit more. And no, I won’t change a greater gift by being as real as it is.

Love, Max.